Stylish Suixtil Silk Tie in Red


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We will, unfortunately, not always be track-side and will have to face occasions when we’ll be expected to present ourselves with some form and (relative) decorum.

Does that mean we should leave our passion out of it? Surely not, we think and have therefore worked very hard to devise a few models of ties that you can proudly wear on (most) occasions while contended in the knowledge they were designed and crafted (out of the finest silk, no less) by the very same crew you trust for your fun times as well. Best of all – we have eschewed any automotive-related paraphernalia so that, aside from the Suixtil heritage itself, you’ll be completely “incognito” – though always, always, “at life speed”…..

P.S: and because we just couldn’t resist, we pack these in a very nice box adorned with a picture of “El Maestro” – what else….


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