At Verona Legend Cars the three souls of heritage meet. Beauty, involvement and the history merge and together are experienced by public.
A large classic market with high quality historic cars, spare parts, components and accessories is dedicated to collectors.
The gatherings of Clubs and Historical Registries are held inside the fair to share the experience with all the visitors.


The upcoming edition on 9th-10th May at Verona Exhibition will dedicate an important part of the event to the young face of vintage cars: there will be an exhibition, workshop, celebrations and different gatherings
Over 1,000 vintage cars rich in history and charm which represent the roots of the event, historic clubs gathering in the ample open spaces of the Exhibition Centre, and many important international dealers and specialists.
In 2020, there will be an extra component: the vintage cars of tomorrow, world of vintage cars is getting bigger and younger


The best dealers in Europe with over 1000 classic cars on sale. An overview of all periods, models and expense ranges.
The most beautiful classic cars on display in the stands of museums, collections, clubs and teams to see live the timeless myths that have marked the history of automobiles.
Original replacement parts guaranteed by the field’s specialists: carburettors, pistons, headlights, door handles and valves; mechanical components and sheet metal for bodies will be side by side with electrical components, upholstery, steering wheels, guidebooks, tyres and rims both classic or based on original design.
Clubs are the heart of the exhibition, the engine of passion. In the great spaces of Verona’s Fair, rallies are held directly inside the exhibition area, thus sharing with visitors the beauty of the rarest and most beloved models.
The world of vintage in all its aspects with period industrial furniture, petroliana, vintage clothing, designer label sportswear, high quality craftsmanship: designer label travel clothing, petrol pumps and Juke boxes from the 50s next to exclusive accessories and original creations. Chocolate, coffee, patisserie, traditional local productions accompany the exhibition visit in the best Street Food tradition.
Model building: countless models to build, sell and buy. Classic, handcrafted and tailor-built models next to the latest products in all ranges.