Tralli Franco

Classic car restoration




Franco Tralli shares with the customers its more than forty years old heritage developed with passion on Maserati vehicles. Franco worked at Maserati customer service from 1960 to 1963 and in 1964 started his own workshop at Bomporto. His commitment towards the same customers that Maserati shared with him was unchanged.


From 1980 he focused his restoration activities on Maserati cars produced between ‘50’s and ‘80’s, including single-seater cars and racing “Barchetta”’s.


The processes are focused on all Maserati mechanical systems (engines, differentials, gearboxes, braking systems) but the company also cooperates with skilled local partners. It coordinates all restoration activities related to bodywork, internal upholstery and electrical systems in order to fulfill a complete restoration.


Skilled craftmanship and a high professional service are integrated by sales of Maserati classic cars and related spare parts. They are shipped daily to customers worldwide.


Thanks to its fully stocked warehouse, Franco has a great choice for Maserati classic spare parts and is a reference for all Maserati enthusiasts.