Stefano Mursia

Restorer for cultural heritage – Designer and maker | Udine (Italy)



About the author

In the early sixties, in the fairy world of an Italian Cottage in Ferrara, a child was looking at a young Carlo Rambaldi, painting arts and and modeling clay. The three Oscars for King Kong, Alien, E.T, would have come later.

The seed of sensibility about style and beauty had been sown. Later on this seed would have grown, chasing its natural inclination.

Then, a 30-years career as restorer for cultural heritage followed, taking care of castles, churches and mansions, recreating the living experience of this historical places and buildings.

Amazed by the shape of the classic cars, passionate about old boats and ships – especially Ferrari and Riva – with his creations Stefano get in touch with the soul of these objects that he has not the privilege to own.

In his barn, in a small and evocative village of the Friuli countryside, he works in the “laboratory”, where he personally designs, creates and shapes his (master)pieces. Using wood, metal, leather and fabrics, he is an all-round maker.

Fluid and harmonious lines, with a taste of the past and a sight to the contemporary, born by the passion of the artisans, creators who give life to the substance with their hands.