Sculturia Cars

Wooden Sculpture| Pescara (Italy)

Recreate you own car or the one you have always desired into a piece of design for your living space or working environment. This is what Sculturia Cars has been offering since 2018, in a perfect mix of technology, design and craftsmanship, that is then enhanced by the two brothers’ passion for the four wheels, Davide and Paride, who started this project.


In each of his works, Sculturia Cars can “squeeze” from a car the very core of design and style, bypassing what is not functional and indeed underlining those details that make the car our favorite one and so unique, details like a wing, an air intake or a headlight.
The sculptures, in a 1:12 scale, are made with a single block of Okumè solid wood.
The choice of this wood is not accidental, it gives warmth and uniqueness, each block containing the story, the life of the tree that offered its soul.


All products are in a limited series; at the bottom of each car there is a small porthole with a crystal glass performing a double job: first thing to preserve some laser engraved inscriptions showing the name, the identification number of the product and any other required customizations; second thing, but not less important, to give visibility and identity to the wonderful material used.


Every new project starts studying the car and its history; only after this step the design and proportions of the car is created drafting it from scratch, preserving the proportions of the actual model.
The second phase is the machining of the piece with a numerical control mill, shaping the wooden block into an object with the final macro geometry.
In the last step, probably the most delicate passage, the true meaning of the word “Craftsmanship” comes into play. The surface of the model is prepared through a smoothing operation, followed by pre-coating, painting and polishing phases. The peculiarity of these masterpieces is that this whole finishing process is the same one followed by the car coachwork, and it is not by chance that Sculturia Cars uses the same original paints with the color code of real cars.


Sculturia Cars is workshop is based in Pescara, Abruzzo, while the design is carried out in Modena, Emilia Romagna.
The real strength of this small Italian company is the flexibility and the ability to create every single project with specific customizations on request, giving the possibility to the Customer to be part of the creation of his piece and following every progress of the work phase.