Ruote da Sogno

Dealer, classic cars and motorcycles broker




Ruote da Sogno represent for Reggio Emilia an essential destination for classic car and bike enthusiasts who are visiting the extraordinary Motor Valley territory.
The vast showroom hosts a selection of classic bikes of any period and brand, all perfectly restored and functioning plus an important selection of classic cars all for sale.

Ruote da Sogno is neither a museum nor a collection; it is a trader that wants to make
these jewels available to collectors and enthusiasts.
The workshop space is full of charm, with highly-experience mechanics who work on refinishing the vehicles that enter the Ruote da Sogno family, with the help of other highly-skilled craftsmen because it is here that the myth of speed was born and has grown, thanks to the competence and passion for motors.



A magical space for classic car lovers, with specimens of rare beauty, having come through the ages and outclassed passing fashions. To be cut adrift in this sea is the only way to discover something otherwise impossible to find.


The motorcyclists’ heaven. Like a child venturing, bedazzled, into a toyshop, but here the playthings are announced by chrome reflections bouncing off of the epic bikes that have shaped motoring history. Leaving is not easy.


Against an evocative backdrop of totally black, spacious, well-lit rooms, a succession of modular and ergonomic workstations are surrounded by swarms of mechanics, moving silently and with great competence.
The beating heart of Ruote da Sogno, a magical workshop where cars and bikes are restored to the public eye as masterpieces of the past.



Ruote da Sogno offers other companies an impressive showroom for corporate meetings and private parties. It is not just a creative space, but a technologically, well-equipped
facility enhancing the value of good food and fancy events.