Buying and selling vehicles, maintenance and repair




R TRE YOKOHAMA BASE was founded in Yokohama,Japan in 2019 by three people who were working for car dealers of Italian cars.


3 “R” s

The name R TRE means “RESPECT”, “RIGHT”, “REAL”. Respecting over a century of automotive history, creating the right value of history and leaving the legacy of its real history for future generations.


Professional and experienced technical staff

They have a certified workshop that handles a wide range of vehicles and the mechanics have experience at dealer of Maserati, Audi, LOTUS and Ford. This allows them to meet a wide range of customer requirements and to undertake value-added tasks (set-up, customisation, etc.) which are difficult for dealers to carry out.
They also provide insurance services and have their own fleet of vehicles to respond to emergencies.


“Car Mediator”

R TRE YOKOHAMA BASE has only been established for a short time. However they play an important role in handling and passing on to the next generation the wonderful cars from all over the world, including the footprints those cars have followed.
They think that R TRE YOKOHAMABASE’s mission is to bring together people with the same beliefs and share the legacy and love for cars.
They will continue to enjoy their passion for cars, no matter how many years pass.