Established in 1996, the Stanguellini museum celebrates the successes of this famous family from Modena. The activity starts in 1879 with Celso Stanguellini who works with musical instruments that immediately become famous and used throughout Europe.
The company then turned into a motorcycle workshop with Francesco, the son of Celso, who created also the racing team, achieving lot of success with the motorbikes brand Mignon.
With the death of Francesco in 1932, his son Vittorio took over the business focusing on the production of racing and street-legal cars, tuning kits and being official FIAT dealer.
The material showed in the museum is focused mainly on this last part of the Stanguellini history with various cars, imagined, designed and finally created by Vittorio’s genius, by his racing department and born with the collaboration of important bodyshops, from Modena area but not only, such as Campana, Allegretti, Grandsport and Bertone.



The activity as a cars manufacturer, that covers a period going from the early thirties to the end of the sixties, generates about 600 vehicles, all of them being hand-made with great experience by the Stanguellini mechanics, and each piece being a unique example refined in every detail. The museum is open to visits throughout the week by appointment, or at the times indicated, and its aim is precisely to remember the contribution made by Stanguellini to the motor-valley.