Ide Auto Service

Sales, Maintenance, Repair, Import agency




Ide Auto Service is involved in New, used and Classic car sale, maintenance and repair, import, spare parts sale, support for participants of events.



Ide Auto Service was established in 1993 and its parent company Ide Jidosha Kogyo was established in 1971. Since its foundation, Ide Auto Service has been trusted by clients not only locally, but also throughout Japan and worldwide, thanks to its technology and client-focused services..


The main feature of Ide Auto Service is sales, maintenance and spare parts for the modern and precious classic cars, mainly Italian and French. In particular, for Italian cars, the mechanics are well known for their ability to carry out inspections and repairs tailored to the specific characteristics of the client’s vehicle, using the skills and know-how they have developed over many years of experience. They are able to offer total support to their clients, from oil changes, maintenance of engines and transmissions, vehicle modification, sheet metal painting and support for track days. They also have their own network of suppliers who can arrange spare parts and repairs for cars from all over the world.
They sell new, used and classic cars. If you are looking for a car of your own choice, they will help you to find it through their own network. There is also an exhibition of Italian and French cars for sale, which you can test drive. (booking required)
We can also arrange for the export of vehicles from Japan to overseas.