Customizable cloth car cover | Milan (Italy)


Goodwool is the first cloth car cover made of pure wool and technique fiber completely customizable.
A perfect synthesis between elegance and performance technology designed to protect your precious car.
A tailor made in italy product of excellent quality, innovative in the concept, in the design and in the material used, the new way to keep your passion.


Goodwool is a range of protective cloth covers for vintage and modern cars made with high quality materials.
The natural power of Merino Tollegno 1900 wool creates the ideal microclimate for protecting car from moisture.

The technical fiber combined with Merino wool allows the perfect duplication of the cars in terms of both lines and original livery. Goodwool is not only a useful accessory to shield the car, but an extremely refined object, that combines efficiency and style offering the best results in terms of protection and look.


Thanks to the natural hygroscopic power of the wool, it creates a constant microclimate inside the car, maintaining the relative humidity between 40% and 60%, within the optimal range for the car protection, regardless of the outside temperature

Counteracts the rust and mold formation, caused by high humidity and, at the same time, prevents the deterioration of leather and gaskets, which are components at risk in case of excessive dryness of the air.
Its breathable power allows the air exchange maintaining the car dry.
Thermoregulates, thermally insulates and reduces temperature leaps.
No scratch, protects from dust and prevents electrostatic energy accumulation and the wool layer is fireproof.
Contributes to sustainability: wool is a natural insulator, so the garage does not require heating, with an energy and CO2 saving.
Immages courtesy of Goodwool