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The Club

The first Italian forum dedicated to Fiat Ritmo was born in early 2007; at that time a group of fans of this model began to outline and weave the connections that will then lead to the officialization of the initiative in a real club.

The Fiat Ritmo Club Italia was created on 1 February 2011. The birth was officially sanctioned in the presence of the President, Marco Reggio, and the founding members who formed the first Directive Board of the Club.
Since then, the Fiat Ritmo Club has had a rapid growth in affiliates and popularity, thus confirming how important this car has been for Fiat and how many enthusiasts it still manages to unite around its name.
I remember everything very well, it seems it happened yesterday. In December 1980 my dad decided it was time to change car. When my mother saw for the first time the Ritmo at the dealership, she immediately fell in love; we wanted it in the Blu Lord 438 color, but that color was the one reserved for the police, so we had to order and wait for it. In the meantime, months were flying and we saw not even the shadow of the Ritmo: my father contacted the dealership for news around the beginning of April. The dealership answer was that if he couldn't wait any longer, he could get immediately a car with Rosso Nearco color. My mother's decision was stronger: no way the red could fly, so we kept on waiting. As chance would had it, on those days I had to go to Turin with my classmates for a school trip. The new Ritmo arrived the same day and, coming back from the city of La Mole, from the window of the bus I and my mother saw a transporter truck loaded with brand new Ritmo. My gaze immediately fell on a Blue Lord one.’’Mamma, mamma’’ , I said, ’’ Daddy's car’’ . She did not believe it, but I’m sure in her heart she hoped it was true. The following morning the telephone rang: the Blue Ritmo had arrived! I still remember the day, April 14, 1981, I went to school so happy only to wait for the bell ringing the end of the lessons: I knew that my father would be waiting for me at the school gate with the new Ritmo.
Marco Reggio