Restorer, Dealer, classic and modern cars maintenance and sales




The President of the company, Hitoshi, worked for a dealer of Japanese cars as a mechanic for 5 years.
Then he began to be interested in the maintenance of European cars so he started to work for a European car dealer. He worked there for 17 years. The dealer he was working for is “Garage Italya” and it was the importer of Lancia Delta in Japan at that time.



Hitoshi had been dreaming to have his own repair shop and in 1994 he opened Equal Auto Service.
The company name “Equal” comes from the name of Hitoshi that means “Equal” in Japanese.
The son of Hitoshi, Eisuke, learned about car maintenance in a repair school and he got the national certification as an auto mechanic.
After that he went to work for a dealer of Mercedes Benz and increased his skills.
He now works at Equal Auto as future president of the company.
He is really good at taking care of modern Japanese cars and European cars that require diagnosis and also neo classic cars (90s).



Since the Company was opened, they have been doing maintenance and sales of European cars. However they are thinking to focus more on maintenance as they have very good skills after many years of experience.
In this way, they believe that they can support people who have troubles or who want to enjoy driving European cars as hobby.