Restorer, classic cars maintenance and sales




Classic Car Service has grown in size and stature to establish itself as Belgium’s leading classic car specialist.

They started as professionals in 1986 and have always strived to deliver top quality jobs and first-class craftsmanship. They are working with a team of five craftsmen with highly specialised knowledge who virtually provide every skill required for the restoration of classic cars.

They can take care of the full restoration of classic cars. Customers are also encouraged to inspect the progress of their project, and a walk around their 3000 square meter showroom and workshop area will reveal different kinds of prestige cars that are for sale, from brands such as: Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar, Lancia, Ferrari, Austin Healey and Alfa Romeo.
Services they provide for the restoration of classic cars include bodywork and paintwork, mechanics, interior



They guarantee quality bodywork with full renewal of the body in steel or aluminium and first-class paintjobs. To complete it, they carefully provide the chassis and body with an anti-rust treatment.



One of their specializations is the complete rebuilding of engines, gearboxes, rear suspensions and brake systems. They also carry out the renewal of electrical installations with great expertise.



In addition, they are also specialized in the upholstery of the entire interior of your classic car. The materials they use to cover seats are mainly Connolly leather and fabric. Furthermore, they can manufacture the convertible hoods and carpets of your classic car with the best sewing and customization skills. For the restoration of the dashboard they use the finest natural hardwood.

Of all the restorations they do, a full photographic printed and digital album is made to keep with other history files of your classic car.

Other services they provide for classic car owners are service and maintenance, buy and sell in consignment.



Regular maintenance of your classic car is as important as the maintenance of your daily car. They have a fully equipped workshop to carry out all necessary maintenance work and, if necessary, we can prepare your vehicle for rallies, racing or just simply an annual MOT.



And last but not least, Classic Car Service is also specialised in buying and selling classic cars in consignment. If you don’t want to go through all the fuss of selling it yourself, let them take care of the sale for you. They make sure your car is put on the market in all the right places so your car will be seen by thousands of potential buyers. They make clear agreements about conditions and price to prevent any misunderstandings. You have one worry less and it is very likely they can be of service to someone who has been looking for just that car for quite some time.