Five thousand vintage models on sale to choose from, major car museums, gems from Clubs and Registers and spare parts: so many priceless collections all brought together can only be seen at Auto e Moto d’Epoca in Padua.



The 2021 edition will also include the participation of the prestigious Finarte auction house, specialised in collectors’ items since 1959. Finarte will exhibit its most precious objects and cars for the duration of the show, auctioning items on Friday 25th.

The exhibition halls will also host a large collection of design objects, accessories and clothing of the highest quality: from the legendary vintage trunks to a selection of scarfs from the fifties inspired by the motoring world and original 1950s juke boxes.



Padua isn’t just a place where you can buy cars and beautiful objects. It is, above and beyond, a place where you can enjoy the passion of cars thanks to an incredible array of collections and exceptional models on show. All for the enjoyment of visitors from major Museums such as the Turin MAUTO, Fondazione Gino Macaluso , Nicolis in Verona. Other important players will be many Historic Registers and Clubs, that will be taking their members’ most beautiful and historically significant cars to Padua. Gems that are rarely seen alone and that it is impossible to find all gathered in a single location except in Padua: the show par excellence dedicated to those who love cars and automotive history.



Minimalist, fast and beautiful: these are the qualities which best describe the “barchettas”. They appear in the late 40s, light, racing roadsters without a folding roof or any additional frills, and a tiny windshield to minimise the impact of air. These features were an effective combination which allowed these vehicles to dominate the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and many other momentous events in their golden years.

Ferrari’s “barchettas” mark the Prancing Horse’s foray into car racing. On display at Auto e Moto d’Epoca are eight models which belong to important international collectors. From Gianni Agnelli’s 166 MM, loaned by the MoMA, to Ferrari’s most recent creation, the incredible Ferrari Monza SP.



From the 166 MM to the new Monza, there will be many rare models and incredible winners on display. These include: 340 MM Vignale, 375 MM Pininfarina, one of the four 857 S models ever built, the 750 Monza Ferrari, the 500 Mondial and many more, including a young-timer, the 550 Barchetta. They all have a story to tell here in Padua and aim to keep the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts racing.