Hiromi Furukawa

Co-founder | JAPAN


She was born in Saga, Japan and moved to Modena, Italy in 2007. She is now living in Fiorano Modenese, that is famous for the Fiorano test track owned by Ferrari. She has various different faces. She is sometimes a hot air balloon pilot, an official tour leader, as well as an interpreter and a translator (English, Italian and Japanese), chief observer and jury member in hot air balloon competitions worldwide. She has been working for the electric car industry as a translator since some years but she is a beginner in the world of classic cars. However, thanks to the atmosphere of the place where she lives, that is famous as “Motor Valley”, she is learning continuously. She is visiting several events related to classic cars and supercars in the region Emilia Romagna and started to be attracted by beautiful cars. She loves eating and drinking so she is happy living in Italy, a good place where you can find excellent food and wines.