Giorgio Zacchi


Born in Italy, in the province on Mantova, the same area where Tazio Nuvolari legend lived, since his early youth he’s moved by a deep passion for cars and their technique. He spends his days learning the car price lists, and his Sundays watching the F1 races. During the university studies he reads every kind of motor magazine and, in a natural way, his interest shifts to classic cars. After graduating in mechanical engineering, his jobs are always linked to the automotive industry, giving him the possibility to learn about engine technology and applications, while he spends his free time joining classic cars meeting, fairs and trying some restoration. He has a passion for Citroen, the brand that made a style and technique revolution in the 50’s, but he loves also every technical freak baked by the car industry. Joining Ruote Leggendarie he finally has the possibility to share his passion and the classic cars culture.

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