april, 2020

fri17aprAll Daymon20La Festa Primavera - NAGOYA - TOKYO (JP)Respect things of the past(All Day) UTC+1 Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture Event Organized By: FORZA S.p.A. Event Type :Classic race


Event Details

This year we will be the 12th La Festa Primavera since first run in 2009, the 21st year of the Heisei era.

Even as the Japanese imperial calender changes from the Heisei era to the Reiwa era the three fundamental ideas about the spirit of the race stay the same.
To “Respect things of the past”, “Always be young at heart”, and to “Expand the circle of friendship between participants” is the spirit that stays the same.

The history of the japanese automobile started in the Meiji Era.
Passing through the Taisho, Showa, and Heisei eras we have now begun the Reiwa era in Japanese history.
As the times have changed the image of the automobile has evolved into a comfortable mode of transportation.
Thanks to advancements in technology the handling, steering, and use of the brakes and accelerator have become much easier.

However, the cars participating in the La Festa Primavera come from a different time.
They do not have all the comfortable technology of modern cars.
It may be a challenge to maintain and drive these classic cars, but overcoming these challenges is the fun and joy of driving that many modern cars have lost.

Let these cars gather and share in an adventure of exploration and discovery around the historic sites of the Tokai and Kinki regions in the beautiful season of spring.
Encounters and contact with new cultures and people await you this year.


april 17 (Friday) - 20 (Monday) UTC+1



Aichi Prefecture


FORZA S.p.A.forza@lafestamm.com 1-1-12,Syonankokusaimura, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, 240-0107, Japan


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