September 1, 2019Giorgio | Mantua (Italy)




On the 20th, 21st and 22nd of September the 29th edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari will be held.
Nuvolari is a legendary name, not only for those who love motor racing; for everyone.

Today we are used to seeing the progress and results of a race in real time. We have the television, internet, 4G; soon we’ll have also 5G, there’s no escape to connectivity! But in the ‘30s we had to wait for the press, the newspapers, to know what had happened. And the facts, during a historical period when politics required to exalt the boldness of adventures and people, were often magnified by that same press which simply had to bring them back.
Whatever you read it, the name of Tazio Nuvolari is linked to mythical, if not mystical, exploits: he won with the front lights off; transiting on the finish line with the broken steering wheel in his hands and a wrench to replace it; he drove proud and lonely an old Alfa Romeo, slapping an incredible victory in the face of a Teutonic fleet of mechanical marvels like Auto Union and Mercedes.
This was Nuvolari. And the Gran Premio Nuvolari today wants to remind us his figure, showing a parterre of amazing cars, which will be in Mantua on September 20th; from there they will continue on a journey through the most beautiful roads in Italy.
The first day they will travel towards the Lake Garda, passing through the morainic hills and, flanking the lake on the Veronese shore, arriving almost to the Monte Baldo, then descending southwards to Castel D’Ario (Nuvolari’s hometown) and crossing the Mantuan and Modena plains and its bucolic and repetitive landscape of farmhouses and plowed ground.
The following day the path is drawn between the Apennines: starting from Bologna-The-Fat, the cars will be busy on paths that became legendary by the very hard races of the past, crossing a landscape made of curves and counter-curves, soft mountains and hills; winding between Emilia Romagna and the Renaissance Tuscany of cities like Siena and Arezzo, or passing through little towns stuck in the hills and over time. In the evening the race will cross the Montefeltro to arrive in the city of Maestro Fellini, Rimini.
Finally, on the last day they will return to Mantua; first by the Via Emilia, then through the lower plain between the provinces of Ravenna and Ferrara, to reach the final destination of the beautiful Piazza Sordello, where the teams can finally rest and the cars be shown to the public.
The Gran Premio Nuvolari, thanks to routes like this, the exceptional level of the vehicles and the natural beauty of the Italian cities and landscape, is increasingly established over time and is going to replicate this year the success of the past editions.