A trip into colors

A trip into colors

December 30, 2018Giorgio | Mantova (Italy)



Let’s think about it for a moment. What is the first thing we do with the colleagues, on Monday morning, when we arrive in the office, to make the day a little bit easier? The coffee (or the tea, if you live in UK)? No. Coffee officially starts the day, but it does not cheer it up.

It is the chatter and the jokes and the free-thoughts; maybe telling each other what we did during the weekend; and then we start to imagine what we will do next week. This sequence often happens to me. And I like it.

The preparation

I’m happy thinking that there will be another weekend. It’s like in the Saturday Night at the Village, but unlike Giacomo Leopardi (at least I hope so…) I’m not that pessimistic, the idea of slowing the tension rather relaxes me, escaping from my daily rhythms and hurries. I have seven days or maybe two weeks to think, in the free moments, what I will do, where I will go, what road I’ll drive, where to stop…

I look on the calendar what is the most suitable day for my tour. I check very carefully at home, if any urgent family commitments is coming and – very smart –, if any question raises, I have a list of thousand valid arguments to use to postpone them: “Dear, it is not that urgent, we have survived so far … For sure I‘ll do them, but one more week is still OK…”. Finally we have a deal: “this weekend to me, the following one to you”.


A wonderful day

Besides this, the right time is now! Outside it’s still warm but not too much, it’s perfect; the skin does not stick to the seats and I can wear light clothes, not hampering the arms when I swing them while driving. The light is perfect: it does not hurt the eyes while it spreads his rays around, fading the shapes and blending the colors. The air is getting a little cooler, especially in the morning and in the evening, and there is still no congested winter traffic, with its intoxicated air. The summer time and the holidays are gone; there is no longer the traffic jam of the weekend-commuters and not even the tourists, in love with our Italian country, looking for the smallest roads. And at the end, that is not marginal, the climate is perfect for her too: the coolant needle is perfectly upright, the engine does not overheat and you can leave the windows down, to enjoy the engine sound and autumn smells.
It’s all set, the weather too, and the days will turn into a sunny weekend.
At this point I call a friend to see if he’s free and wants to take a passenger ride. He likes to take pictures, I plan to go to the Apennines, we will find bends and colors. Perfect!


I’m driving. And I’m happy

On Saturday morning we leave and after a bit of boring plain road we start to climb and have fun: I drive softly and hear the rustle of the air on the mirror and the tires that grip to the asphalt in the corners. I try not to slip on the flat seats, holding firmly the tiny steering wheel. I’m not racing, but I enjoy this run: I just need to drive her to be happy, feeling the right “clack” when I change gear, downshifting it before a climb to keep the old engine revving fast and avoid some knock. I’m contrasting the roll of the body, feeling happy as when I was a kid and the rides came to the fair in my small hometown and I was spinning the spaceships on the flying saucers.
My friend, on the other hand, is not looking at the landscape and hurrying about the way I drive and he’s having more fun than me: “How beautiful these red interiors… Look at the dashboard! Today it’s all plastic… It’s silent, what year did you say it is? And how it stick to the road! Do you know it’s a very nice car? Did you find it in this conditions or had to restore it?” I’m enjoying his comments!


A cozy place

This morning we did not leave too early so now it’s time for lunch and we get into that famous restaurant I was suggested by my colleagues, they know these countries very well. Let’s go in. It’s crowded! Full of families, maybe two or three generations together, grandparents with grandchildren with parents sitting at the same table, fitting in these two tight rooms, breathing a friendly atmosphere. We sit down, order from the menu and shortly after the waiter – probably the owner – bring us full and tasty dishes. But the order was wrong and he brings us a course that we did not order. We’ll point it out to him, but he shrugs and says: “I see… If you want, you can keep it. It’s offered”. We certainly do not want to disappoint him.


The perfection of the nature

We leave the restaurant satisfied and happy; we rest a bit from the fatigue of the lunch but soon we start the car again: we have to take pictures. What might we see? The explosion of the Autumn. Sending us the last warm hugs before the winter break.

We come back home happy, promising to do it again soon, perhaps with winter colors and with a new restaurant as a destination. I have no thoughts in my head except those that I spent a beautiful trip into colors.