Our legendary Icon

Our legendary Icon

September 2, 2018Denis | Bologna (Italy)



The future can be found in the past.

Just turned 18: time to drive is finally arrived, all I have to do is to make up my mind and hope in my lovely Daddy!

We think together what we could park into our box, a reasonable choice without looking like “dad’s car”. We got it, decision is taken, she will be yellow, low clearance, with the three yellow-blue-red flags on both sides and on the nose, not on the back because the bold shining number looks better.

Front and rear wheel spacers, new harder springs on the front and torsion beam’s revolution on rear axle. Prominent exhaust pipes, drilled brake disc. No stereo: race cars don’t get it, in any case you won’t hear it.

She will be like this.

She will be cuddled like an endangered puppy, under her original tarp the Lion drawn on the hood and under her tailored made linen blanket, to protect her against hot, cold, sunray, snow, salt, and any kind of bad weather can affect her.

You’ll never see the rain, don’t worry my Bella, you’ll never walk alone.

Additional noise reduction treatment and supplementary yellow painting on underbody, over a ground effect fairing, just to be sure.

It was on July 18th, 2000 I was 18 and now she is 18, with her 13.120km driven, the smell and paint of 18 years ago. The Exhaust sound and its mumbling noise during cut off, the whistle coming from drilled discs braking, although smooth, can’t give the passenger any idea about what you are doing.

Everything is left unchanged as it was and it will remain like that forever.

We are not talking about a limited edition icon that worths millions, that made the car history, but this is my own unique priceless creature, part of our history, that I would never ever leave.

There are several indelible anecdotes that bind us, going together to the dealer to pick it up, driving at the base of majestic Mont Blanc during honeymoon, going to the sea with our baby, all these things mean she’s always been with us and had seen us growing up and building up things together.

It’s very suggestive finding yourself on holiday, driving on Adriatic Road while you are traveling for a daily coast to coast to sign first job contract of life and seeing the signalling disk raised by our Police Officer in front of you: I suddenly looked at my dad face and said “The vehicle certificate, I left it at home”. The Officer with a might heart pardon telling me “hurry up, go back to home to get it, today there are several check points”

Starting by looking out the restaurant window every 5 minutes to see if the weather starts to get worse, mistrust someone who walks around it, but feeling proud as soon as people stare at your car (of course, not too close to the car) and say something about that, to complete the day returning it into her safe warm box.

Doesn’t matter, it’s useless if you try to find any motivation, to convince, to prove it doesn’t have tangible worth: wasted time, for everyone of us She is the only one, she only exists, no one else could be more beautiful.

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